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Window Restoration for historic commercial properties.

(Click here for an important article by noted architect Walter Sedovic, AIA, which dispels some of most common misconceptions held about the relative life cycle costs of window restoration vs. replacement windows!)


Wood Window Restoration Solutions for Greater Boston and Southern New England.

Before you discard your beautiful, historic wood windows, please fully consider the long term cost of opting into the window replacement cycle. A wood window professionally restored by Cleary and Son, Inc. will outlast any modern replacement window several times over. This is partly because its original period craftsmanship is difficult to duplicate but mostly it is because the first growth lumber used in period construction is far more stable, dense and rot resistant than any now available, at any price. It doesn't make sense to replace a beautiful, historic window that can last another century with a modern replacement window which will last only 15-20 years.

Quincy Homestead, National Register of Historic Places, Museum Restoration.
National Register, Museum Restoration.

Like New Original Historic Windows at Lowest Overall Life Cycle Cost.

Consider that your original historic window has already withstood a century or more of constant operation and exposure to the elements. It may bear some marks of rough handling now, but when our wood window restoration process is complete, it will look and operate like new. Like many of our clients, you may even question whether the restored window sash is in fact your original window! Properly restored, your historic wood window will look great, it will operate like new and it will cost much less than its replacements when the costs are calculated over its full life cycle.

Setting the Standard in Southern New England.

Holy Cross, South End, Boston.
Church Window Restoration.

Wood window restoration is not a sideline for Cleary and Son, Inc., it is our only business. We strive to set the performance standard for wood window restoration services in Greater Boston and southern New England, including all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. A second generation company founded in 1985, experience has shown us that maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship pays off in client satisfaction. We gauge our success by the repeat work we have received from customers over the years.

Our clients are owners, property managers and general contractors who require the assurance of quality that our established reputation affords. We work on historic commercial buildings, private residences, churches and public buildings. Whether you have two windows or two hundred, your windows will be restored one at a time by our own dedicated full time staff under the direct supervision of Kim Cleary, President of Cleary and Son, Inc.

COMPLETE  Window Services, Including Our Own Hardware Supply!

Victorian Curved Glass Restoration.
Residential Restoration.

For some of our clients, good as new is not quite good enough. If necessary, we can furnish design, hardware and weatherproofing upgrades to make your windows perform better than they did originally. Cleary and Son, Inc. is the region's most experienced wood window restoration consultant. Tell us how you would like your windows to look and operate and we will specify a solution which will exceed your expectations. We maintain our own window restoration supply warehouse and showroom and can direct source a complete range of glazing, hardware, weatherproofing and storm windows from around the world. Whether you are looking for new hardware to match your home's interior or for increased energy efficiency, you can rely upon Cleary and Son, Inc. for a window restoration solution which will stand the test of time.

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Contact Cleary and Son, Inc. by email, or call us at our office at 800-893-0728. Ask to speak to Kim Cleary about your window restoration project. Our office, showroom and store is located at 192 Felton St., Waltham, MA 02453.

We are a registered Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor, license HIC #159812.

(Click here for an important article by noted architect Walter Sedovic, AIA, which dispels some of most common misconceptions held about the relative life cycle costs of window restoration vs. replacement windows!)