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Brownstone is a porous stone which can suffer freeze thaw damage when exposed to moisture. After well over a century of exposure, some of the lintels and sills of this Beacon Hill brownstone building required replacement. Cleary and Sons, Inc. is used to addressing all issues at the window opening and so engaged the mason we customarily use for such projects who fabricated and installed these large brownstone elements.

This project also required us to furnish full restoration of the windows, including the exterior sills and trim. The lone doghouse roof dormer, long neglected, was rebuilt.

Replacement of brownstone sills.

Replacement of brownstone sills.
Note gas fired streetlamp.

Note gas fired streetlamp.

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Contact Cleary and Son, Inc. by email, or call us at our office at 800-893-0728. Ask to speak to Kim Cleary about your window restoration project. Our office, showroom and store is located at 192 Felton St., Waltham, MA 02453.

We are a registered Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor, license HIC #159812.

(Click here for an important article by noted architect Walter Sedovic, AIA, which dispels some of most common misconceptions held about the relative life cycle costs of window restoration vs. replacement windows!)