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The earliest part of the Thomas Pellet House in Monument Square in historic Concord Center was constructed in 1670, the balance being built in the early 1700's. Cleary and Son, Inc. was originally brought onto the project to perform a complete restoration of the colonial era plank frame windows and sash. These windows were built before pulley and counterweight technology came into general use for double hung windows. In the course of this work, we restored all the original eighteenth century window hardware, furnishing repairs and exactly replicated replacements for those missing or damaged, as necessary.

Location of the building near traffic made sound abatement an issue. Cleary and Son, Inc. furnished the windows with Allied interior magnetic storm windows with laminated glass. These interior storms don't affect the exterior visual profile of the building. We also furnished a number of Harvey Tru-channel exterior storm windows.

Cleary and Son, Inc. is a window restoration company, but we often find it is necessary to help clients address the restoration of adjacent and incidental elements. For instance, restoration of the windows and trim required repairs and painting of the adjacent exterior horsehair and wood lathe stucco plaster. Having demonstrated our ability to address the needs of this original historic fabric, the owner requested that we restore and paint the rest of the stucco as well and we happily complied. Similarly, we restored and weatherstripped an exterior door and rebuilt an insect damaged exterior wall as well.

Colonial era plank frame window.

Thomas Pellett House, Concord, MA.

Window pair.

Original exterior stucco repairs, in progress, weatherstripped door.

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Contact Cleary and Son, Inc. by email, or call us at our office at 800-893-0728. Ask to speak to Kim Cleary about your window restoration project. Our office, showroom and store is located at 192 Felton St., Waltham, MA 02453.

We are a registered Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor, license HIC #159812.

(Click here for an important article by noted architect Walter Sedovic, AIA, which dispels some of most common misconceptions held about the relative life cycle costs of window restoration vs. replacement windows!)